Kris Peters Athletic Training

Kris Peters Athletic Training

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Team Of 2

Some of you may already know or have heard of the Team Of 2. If you haven't take a look at this slide show and get a quick sense of what it is this program has to offer...

Justen Sjong and I are trying to bring a new element into climbing. A program that allows each athlete to receive the exact coaching and training they need to continue to move forward. Justen's job is to coach the climber and my job is to train the climber. I've realized that if we are to continue to make climbing and our athletes excel in this sport then we need to give them every opportunity possible to succeed! I truly believe our program offers a superior experience and the results are stunning! Watching our athletes develop into improved overall climbers has been such an amazing experience. We've seen them not just increase in strength and power but as individuals. Having someone walk out of a Team Of 2 session having learned something new about themselves is by far the most rewarding part of what we do. It's not always about having every person laying flat on their faces exhausted from the workout. To Justen and I we want the people that come through our program to have a new understanding about what it is they need as an individual athlete.

As we move forward our hope and goal remains the same. To see climbing and climbers move forward and achieve their goals.

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  1. Hey Kris, I really like your approach to training climbers, very interesting. I'm curious what yoga and/or stretching you incorporate into your training sessions? And if you do incorporate any yoga, where did you learn it? Thanks, I really look forward to hearing more

    Van Tate